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Welcome to our Benedictine College community, and thank you for visiting our Biology Department page! We have seven full-time faculty members in our department, and we teach a wide variety of courses ranging from Neurobiology to Developmental Biology, from Human Anatomy & Physiology to Animal Behavior, and from Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change to Plant Biology, Freshwater Biology, Genetics, Microbiology and more. Our seven faculty members are all Ph.D. trained scientists who are passionate about combining teaching and research in our classrooms and labs, on our campus, and in our greater Atchison community. We all make it a priority to involve students in our research, providing opportunities for students to be involved with original research and preparing them for entry into their early careers or graduate or professional programs. We are excited about the momentum we are building in our department, the courses we are teaching, and the research and community involvement projects we are leading.