Academic Catalog

School of Engineering


The School of Engineering (SoE) offers excellent education, caring professors, and outstanding classmates. Students in SoE programs develop a sense of healthy technological progress in a Christ-centered environment, leading graduates to have fulfilling engineering careers at many excellent companies. 

By earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, students develop into thoroughly competent engineers, through rigorous classroom instruction and hands-on experience. SoE students develop a full understanding of general engineering principles as well as those of a specific engineering discipline, equipping them to become leaders in the workforce.

A fee of $150 per semester is charged to each student to help support the continued improvement of the Engineering program.

Transfer students pursuing a major in any of these areas must take a minimum of 40% of the coursework for their major at Benedictine College.

Before enrolling in any junior level (or above) CENG, CIVL, EENG, ENGR, and MENG course, students must receive approval from the School of Engineering.

Review Processs

During the spring semester, a SoE faculty committee that consists of the chair and the faculty members in an engineering discipline conducts a review of all sophomore students in its major.   

  • ​The process for this review is found in the School of Engineering Code of Student Conduct. 
  • The committee conducts its review within seven days of the posting of spring-semester midterm grades. 
  • The committee informs students of the results before fall registration begins. Only students who receive approval will be able to enroll in junior- and senior-level engineering courses. 
  • A student may request a reconsideration of the decision after final grades have been posted for the spring semester.

Continuation in an Engineering Degree Program

  • All students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.1 (2.0 for freshman) in all engineering courses taken to date.
  • If a student falls below the minimum engineering GPA, the SoE will issue a warning via email and/or Navigate.
  • A second semester below the minimum engineering GPA will result in the SoE removing the student from the engineering degree program and notifying the student via email.
  • Students may also be removed from an engineering degree program after a particularly egregious instance of academic misconduct. 

Due Process Procedures

  • A student who was removed from continuation in an engineering degree program may appeal that decision by submitting a letter to the SoE Chair (via email) of appeal no later than seven calendar days after the notification was issued. 
  • An engineering faculty committee reviews the appeal and communicates its final decision via an email to the student. 
  • If still unsatisfied, the student may appeal to the Dean of the College.