Academic Catalog

Mathematics & Computer Science


Students in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science learn skills needed to enter fascinating careers or prepare them for graduate school. The Computer Science BA and BS degrees (CS) and the Mathematics BA degree (Math) each produce career-ready graduates. The Mathematics BA degree also prepares students for graduate school in mathematics or a related field. The Mathematics with Secondary School Teaching Certification BA (Math Ed) prepares students to teach middle- and high-school mathematics as Kansas-licensed educators. In addition to completing a full mathematics major, Math Ed students complete a secondary education major in the School of Education. 
All majors have some kind of capstone course toward the end of their time as undergraduates. Our Math and Math Ed majors take a one-semester course in which they choose a topic of interest, and under the guidance of a faculty mentor, they develop and present their research in a public forum. To satisfy requirements from the School of Education, Math Ed students also spend a semester student teaching. Our CS majors take a two-semester capstone sequence focused on a real-world problem.