Academic Catalog

Course Descriptions

The designations below denote the semester a course will be offered. These designations appear after the course credit hours in the courses of instruction.

Designation Semester Offered
F generally in the fall
S generally in the spring
B generally both fall and spring semesters
D at the discretion of the department
I infrequently offered

After each course description that fulfills a general education requirement an abbreviated list of the requirements it fulfills is provided. Below is the list of those abbreviations and their meanings.

Abbreviation Requirement
C Core


Abbreviation Requirement
AE Aesthetic Experience
F Faith
HI Historical Inquiry
MR Mathematical Reasoning
PC Person and Community
PI Philosophical Inquiry
NW Understanding the Natural World

Skills and Perspectives

Abbreviation Requirement
GP Global Perspective
OC Oral Communication
SM Scientific Method
VC Visual Communication
WP Western Perspective
WC Written Communication