Academic Catalog

International Studies (INST)

INST-COMP  Senior Comprehensive Exam  
(NULL credits)  (Both Fall & Spring Semesters)  


INST-SA  Study Abroad  
(NULL credits)  

Study Abroad

INST-4090  Seminar International Studies  
(3 credits)  (Discretion of Department)  

This course deals with major current events of international importance in political, historical, geographic, linguistic, economic, cultural, environmental, and other global topic areas. May be taken more than once provided the topic varies sufficiently.

INST-4790  International Service Learning  
(3 credits)  (Both Fall & Spring Semesters)  

Participation in a volunteer work-program or mission work abroad. Students should meet with the chair of the Department of World and Classical Languages and Cultures in order to arrange program approval and enrollment.