Academic Catalog

Mathematics (BA)

The mathematics curriculum prepares students for graduate study, for responsible positions in business, industry, and government, and for teaching positions in secondary and elementary schools. Basic skills and techniques provide for entering a career as an actuary, banker, bio-mathematician, economist, industrial researcher, lawyer, management consultant, market research analyst, mathematician, mathematics teacher, operations researcher, quality control specialist, statistician, or systems analyst.

Calculus Placement

Any student planning to take a course in the Calculus sequence including MATH-1250 Pre-Calculus, MATH-1300 Calculus I, MATH-1350 Calculus II, and MATH-2300 Calculus III must receive proper placement. For information, see “General Admission Policies > Locally Administered Placement Examinations > Calculus Placement” in the Catalog.

Mathematical Reasoning Foundation (MR) Placement

Many students will have degree plans that require courses that satisfy the general education Mathematical Reasoning Foundation (MR) requirement. Those who do not should choose the proper mathematics course to optimize their success and educational benefit of the course. (Note that College Algebra does not satisfy the MR requirement.) Students who are well prepared to pass College Algebra are likely well prepared to take MATH-1220 Introductory Statistics as their MR course. This is the best choice for most students whose major does not already require an MR course. Students who currently lack the computational skills to succeed in Introductory Statistics should consider taking MATH-1020 Mathematics As a Liberal Art which de-emphasizes rote computation in favor of surveying a wider array of mathematical topics and applications and providing thoughtful written reflection on those topics and applications. Students with questions should contact the Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Admission to the Mathematics Major

In order to be admitted to the mathematics major, a student must have completed at Benedictine College at least one required mathematics course from the list above, and must have a grade point average of at least 2.7 in mathematics courses at Benedictine College.