Academic Catalog

Theology-Secondary Ed (BA)

Theology and Secondary Education Double Major

The Theology/Secondary Education major is designed to prepare theology graduates to become outstanding high school theology teachers. Throughout courses, associated field experiences, and culminating with a 12-week supervised teaching internship in a Catholic high school, graduates will demonstrate a mastery of theology content as well as pedagogical competency as a beginning teacher. Although this program does not qualify for Kansas state teacher licensure, graduates will nevertheless meet the same high standards required of all teacher education program candidates.

Theology Curriculum

THEO-1100Introduction to Theology3
THEO-2000Christian Moral Life3
THEO-2100Old Testament 1: Pentateuch3
THEO-2150New Testament I: Synoptic Gospels3
THEO-3200Sacraments & Liturgy3
THEO-3220Christian Marriage3
THEO-3820Christianity & World Religions3
THEO-3260Catholic Social Teaching3
THEO-3420Hist of Catholic Church I: Apost-16th C3
THEO-3430History Catholic Church Ii: Reform-Today3
THEO-3430History Catholic Church Ii: Reform-Today3
THEO-4500Theology Seminar3
THEO-4457Methods of Teaching Theology2
Theology Elective 13
Total Hours41

Any THEO or EVCA listed course of 3 or more credit hours except THEO-2010 Biblical Hebrew I.

Education Curriculum

See “Requirements for a B.A. Degree in Secondary Education” (School of Education)

Concentration in Theology for the Education Major

Fulfill the requirements for a Minor in Theology as listed above (18 hours).

Transfer students pursuing a major or minor in Theology or Evangelization and Catechesis must take a minimum of 50% of the coursework required for the major or minor at Benedictine College.

Note: If a student has not taken THEO-1100 Introduction to Theology that is needed as the prerequisite for many courses, please consult with the instructor concerning special permission to take the course.