Academic Catalog

Foreign Languages (BA)

NOTE: The Foreign Languages program is in the teach-out phase and new majors are not being accepted as of August 1, 2023. It is listed in this catalog so that those students currently enrolled can complete their program of study.

The Foreign Languages Program allows students to acquire proficiency in two or three languages. Students pursue study in a primary language currently offered as a major (Spanish or French) and may opt to choose one or two secondary languages from the following: Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, and Latin. Foreign Languages majors are required to study abroad in an immersion program in their primary language of study.

The major seeks to assist students in preparing for careers in education, business, government, or the professions.

Study Abroad
The Department of World Languages and Cultures sponsors several study-abroad programs to provide students with an opportunity for immersion in Spanish. Students majoring in Spanish are required to have an immersion experience abroad in Spanish, either through studying, completing an internship, doing service learning, or volunteering abroad. This requirement may be waived for students who already demonstrate advanced proficiency in the language or who have substantial immersion experience in the target language.

The department offers department-sponsored study abroad opportunities in Spanish in Spain and in French in Lyon, France. Students also have the option of participating in an exchange program through the College’s affiliation with ISEP. This program is administered by the International Programs office.