Academic Catalog

International Studies Minor

The minor in international studies is accomplished through an integrated program of courses selected from the disciplines of foreign language, history, economics, sociology, political science, and geography. The program gives participants a broadened perspective of the modern world in order to prepare them for international careers in this country or abroad. Students in this program are encouraged to consider studying abroad. Information on study abroad is available through the Department of World Languages and Cultures, or the Study Abroad Office.

For Foreign Language majors, the international studies minor will be arranged through the Department of World Languages and Cultures. The chair of the department assists the student in planning for the minor and approves the selected schedule of courses.

Program Requirements

Core Courses
POLS-2010Comparative World Government & Politics3
NASC-2300World Regional Geography3
THEO-3820Christianity & World Religions3
Foreign Language
Two upper-level (3000–4000) courses in a foreign language (may include a language other than French or Spanish completed through study abroad).6
Select one of the following:3
International Economics
Seminar in Economic Development
Modern Asian Survey
History of Latin America
French Revolution & Napoleon
Seminar International Studies
International Service Learning
European Politics
International Relations
Cultural Anthropology
or another appropriate elective approved by the major advisor
Total Hours18