Academic Catalog

Teaching Physical Education Minor

Program Requirements

EXSC-1150Foundations of Human Movement2
EXSC-2220Techniques of Team Sport2
EXSC-2222Techniques of Individual Sport2
EXSC-3350Psychology of Sport & Methods Coaching2
EXSC-2209Personal & Community Health2
EXSC-2210First Aid & Personal Safety2
EXSC-2240Structural Human Anatomy3-8
or BIOL-2242
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
and Human Anatomy & Physiology II
EXSC-2263Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
EXSC-3357Tests & Measure Health & Exsc Science3
EXSC-3366Physiology of Exercise3
or EXSC-3380 Kinesiology & Biomechanical Analysis
EXSC-4402Organiz & Admin Exer Sci & Sport2
EXSC-3302Elementary Physical Education Curriculum2
EXSC-3365Special Physical Education & Recreation2
EXSC-4457Meth & Tech Teach Phys Activity & Health3
Total Hours33-38