Academic Catalog

Journalism and Mass Communications (BA)

The major in Journalism and Mass Communications is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in reporting, multi-media reporting, digital media production, public relations, photography, web design, strategic communication, and advertising. The major is also an excellent preparation for graduate study in communications or journalism.

Students become active decision-makers in producing the student-run publications The Circuit and (student news), and The Raven (the college yearbook), as part of their practicum experiences. 

International Students

The JMC department welcomes and encourages international students (students whose primary language is not English) to seek a major or minor in the department. However, because of the intensive language equirements, all international students must submit proof of language proficiency to the department before taking writing courses or declaring a major or minor in Journalism and Mass Communications. International students are required to declare a major/minor before the start of their second semester in the program. Language proficiency is met by achieving the appropriate score as required by the college for admission. (See section of catalog titled International Students.)