Academic Catalog


The following courses satisfy the Faith foundation.

ECON-3260Catholic Social Teaching3
ENGL-4130Christianity & Literature3
HIST-3544Medieval Lay Religion3
THEO-2000Christian Moral Life3
THEO-2100Old Testament 1: Pentateuch3
THEO-2144Liturgical Art & Architecture3
THEO-2150New Testament I: Synoptic Gospels3
THEO-3100Old Testament II: Wisdom Literature3
THEO-3110Old Testament III: Prophets3
THEO-3144Music & Catholic Liturgy3
THEO-3150New Testament Lit Ii: Pauline Literature3
THEO-3160Gospel of John3
THEO-3200Sacraments & Liturgy3
THEO-3220Christian Marriage3
THEO-3240Benedictine Spirituality3
THEO-3260Catholic Social Teaching3
THEO-3280Spiritual Theology3
THEO-3420Hist of Catholic Church I: Apost-16th C3
THEO-3430History Catholic Church Ii: Reform-Today3
THEO-3450History of Monastic Life3
THEO-3620Theology of the Church3
THEO-3640Christ & the Trinity3
THEO-3660Mary, Mother of God3
THEO-3680Faith & Reason II4
THEO-3690Faith & Reason III2
THEO-3820Christianity & World Religions3
THEO-3840Protestant Tradition3
THEO-3920Theology of Vatican II3
THEO-3940Christian Bioethics3
THEO-3950Theology of the Environment3
THEO-3960American Catholic History3
THEO-4000Great Catholic Thinkers3