Academic Catalog

Understanding the Natural World

The following courses satisfy the Understanding the Natural World foundation.

ASTR-1300Sun & Solar System4
ASTR-1400Stars & Stellar Systems4
BIOL-1105Plants & Civilization4
BIOL-1107Principles of Biology4
BIOL-1121General Biology I5
BIOL-1122General Biology II4
BIOL-2243Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
CHEM-1010Chemistry of the Biosphere4
CHEM-1200General Chemistry I Lecture3
CHEM-1210General Chemistry II Lecture3
ENGR-1001STEM Fund of Robitcs & Makerlabs3
NASC-1100Environmental Geology3
NASC-1400Earth Science3
NASC-1600Origins of Major Theories in Science3
NASC-2300World Regional Geography3
NASC-3100Historical Readings in Natural Science3
PHYS-1100Concepts in Physics4
PHYS-1300Our Strange Universe3
PHYS-2000College Physics I3
PHYS-2100Classical Physics I3
PHYS-2110Classical Physics II3