Academic Catalog

Aesthetic Experience

The following courses satisfy the Aesthetic Experience foundation.

ARCH-2300Architectural History I3
ARCH-2301Architectural History 23
ART-1000Drawing I3
ART-1010Foundations of 2-D Design: Comp & Color3
ART-1030Foundations of 3-D Design: Form & Space3
ART-2410Art Appreciation3
ART-2600Ceramics I3
ART-2800Basic Digital Photography3
DANC-3800History of Dance3
ENGL-1020Introduction to Literature3
ENGL-1500World Lit I: Ancient to Renaissance3
ENGL-1550World Lit II: Enlightenment-Present3
ENGL-1600British Literature to 17503
ENGL-1650British Literature After 17503
ENGL-1700American Literature to Civil War3
ENGL-1750American Literature After Civil War3
ENGL-3010Old & Middle English Literature3
ENGL-3030Renaissance Literature3
ENGL-3040Restoration & 18th Century Literature3
ENGL-3060Classical Mythology3
ENGL-3110The Novel3
ENGL-3120Short Story3
ENGL-3140The Play3
ENGL-4010Romantic Literature3
ENGL-4020Victorian Literature3
ENGL-405020th Century British Literature3
ENGL-4060Contemporary American Literature3
ENGL-4110Literary Criticism3
ENGL-4130Christianity & Literature3
ENGL-4140The Vikings: History & Literature3
ENGL-4200Legends of King Arthur3
FIAR-1100Introduction to Fine Arts3
FREN-3040Introduction to French Literature3
FREN-3620Survey French Lit From Origin to Classic3
FREN-3630Survey French Lit-Classical to Symbolism3
FREN-3640Survey French Lit-Symbolism-Current3
FREN-3650Intro Francophone Literature & Cultures3
FREN-3700History of French Cinema3
GNST-1750Great Books: Ancient World3
GNST-2750Great Books: Medieval World3
HIST-3542The Renaissance3
HIST-3660The Reformation Era3
ITAL-3000Europe in the Middle Ages3
LATN-3110Latin Prose Authors I3
LATN-3120Latin Prose Authors II3
LATN-4110Latin Poets I3
LATN-4120Latin Poets II3
MCOM-1030Introduction to Cinema3
MCOM-1610Layout & Design3
MCOM-2600Principles of Visual Communications3
MCOM-2610Digital Photography I4
MCOM-3600Signs & Symbols3
MCOM-3610Digital Photography II4
MUSC-1100Music Appreciation3
MUSC-1101World Music Literature3
MUSC-1102History of Jazz3
MUSC-4100Music History I: Antiquity to 17503
MUSC-4101Music History & Literature II3
MUSC-4110Music History Ii: 1750-19003
MUSC-4120Music History III: After 19003
SPAN-3040Introduction to Hispanic Lit & Lit Analy3
SPAN-3650Survey of Latin American Literature3
SPAN-3660Survey of Spanish Literature3
SPAN-4700Topics in Latin Am & Latino Lit & Cultur3
THEO-2144Liturgical Art & Architecture3
THEO-3133Sacramental Aesthetics3
THTR-1010Introduction to the Theatre3