Academic Catalog

Oral Communication

The following courses satisfy the Oral Communication Skills and Perspectives.

These courses satisfy one of these learning goals:

  • Demonstrate understanding of oral communication skills, techniques, or theory.
  • Demonstrate effective use of oral communication skills.
ARCH-4116Capstone Studio 66
ART-4900Professional Practices2
ASTR-4200Solar System Astrophysics3
BIOL-3305Biological Statistics4
BUSI-2230Business Communication3
CENG-4610Plant Design II3
CHEM-4903Chem & Biochem Colloquium 41
CIVL-4700Civil Engineering Seminar1
CSCI-4930Computer Science Senior Capstone2
EDUC-4492Supervised Student Teaching Elem School12
EDUC-4496Supervised Student Teach Secondar School10
EDUC-4497Modified Teaching Experience5
EENG-4600Electrical Engin Design I3
ENGL-4910Language & Literature Seminar3
ESLG-2930Public Speaking3
EXSC-4457Meth & Tech Teach Phys Activity & Health3
GNST-1110Learning Community Lab2
GNST-1750Great Books: Ancient World3
GNST-1800Moot Court2
HIST-4000Seminar in History3
MATH-4930Directed Research2
MCOM-3310Art of Presentation3
MENG-4700Senior Seminar1
MKTG-3100Principles of Marketing3
MUSC-2214Vocal Methods1
NURS-4200Population-Based Health Care3
PHYS-4910Physics & Astronomy Research1
POLS-4950Capstone Senior Seminar3
PSYC-4850Psychology Service Experience3
SPCH-1100Speech Communication3
THTR-1150Fundamentals of Acting3