Academic Catalog

Western Perspective

The following courses fulfill the Western Perspective Skills and Perspectives.

These course satisfy this general education learning goal:
Demonstrate knowledge of, understanding of, or an ability to apply major ideas of Western cultural tradition.

ARCH-2300Architectural History I3
ART-2410Art Appreciation3
ART-3412Art History II (survey)3
ENGL-1020Introduction to Literature3
ENGL-1500World Lit I: Ancient to Renaissance3
ENGL-1550World Lit II: Enlightenment-Present3
ENGL-1600British Literature to 17503
ENGL-1650British Literature After 17503
ENGL-1700American Literature Thru Civil War3
ENGL-1750American Literature After Civil War3
ENGL-3010Old & Middle English Literature3
ENGL-3040Restoration & 18th Century Literature3
ENGL-3120Short Story3
ENGL-3140The Play3
ENGL-4110Literary Criticism3
FREN-3610French Civilization3
FREN-3620Survey French Lit From Origin to Classic3
FREN-3630Survey French Lit-Classical to Symbolism3
FREN-3640Survey French Lit-Symbolism-Current3
GNST-2750Great Books: Medieval World3
GNST-3200Catholic Worldview Fellowship3
HIST-1100World Civilization to 15003
HIST-1101World Civilization Since 15003
HIST-1300United States History to 18653
HIST-1380United States History Since 18653
HIST-3100United States Diplomatic History3
HIST-3520Ancient Greece3
HIST-3521Ancient Rome3
HIST-3522Greek & Roman History3
HIST-3540Medieval History3
HIST-3541Byzantine History3
HIST-3542The Renaissance3
HIST-3544Medieval Lay Religion3
HIST-3660The Reformation Era3
HIST-3661Early Modern Europe 1600-18003
HIST-3681Ninteenth-Century Europe3
HIST-3682Europe 1954 - Today3
HIST-3684Russian History3
HIST-3686World War II3
ITAL-3000Europe in the Middle Ages3
PHIL-2550Philosophical Psychology3
PHIL-4010Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL-4020Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL-4040Early Modern Philosophy3
PHIL-4050Modern Continental Philosophy3
PHIL-4060Modern Anglo-American Philosophy3
POLS-3010European Politics3
POLS-4010International Relations3
SOCI-3105Sociological Theory3
SPAN-3040Introduction to Hispanic Lit & Lit Analy3
THEO-3420Hist of Catholic Church I: Apost-16th C3
THEO-3640Christ & the Trinity3
THEO-3820Christianity & World Religions3