Academic Catalog

Visual Communication

The following courses satisfy the Visual Communication skills and perspectives.

ART-1000Drawing I3
ART-1010Foundations of 2-D Design: Comp & Color3
ART-1030Foundations of 3-D Design: Form & Space3
ART-2410Art Appreciation3
ART-2800Basic Digital Photography3
BIOL-3305Biological Statistics4
BUSI-2230Business Communication3
BUSI-2650Business Statistics3
CENG-4610Plant Design II3
CHEM-4903Chem & Biochem Colloquium 41
CRIM-3200Crime Analysis3
CSCI-4930Computer Science Senior Capstone2
EENG-4600Electrical Engin Design I3
ENGR-1500Technical Drawing2
EXSC-3380Kinesiology & Biomechanical Analysis3
EXSC-4457Meth & Tech Teach Phys Activity & Health3
FREN-3700History of French Cinema3
HIST-3385History of American Film3
MATH-4930Directed Research2
MCOM-1610Layout & Design3
MCOM-2500Web Design I3
MCOM-2600Principles of Visual Communications3
MCOM-2610Digital Photography I4
MCOM-3600Signs & Symbols3
MCOM-3610Digital Photography II4
MUSC-3201Introduction to Conducting1
NASC-3100Historical Readings in Natural Science3
PHYS-4910Physics & Astronomy Research1
PSYC-4850Psychology Service Experience3
SPAN-3710Spanish Civilization & Culture3
SPAN-3720Latin American Civilization & Culture3
THEO-2144Liturgical Art & Architecture3
THTR-1150Fundamentals of Acting3
THTR-2150Techniques of Acting3
THTR-3520Scene Design3
THTR-3560Lighting Design3
THTR-3580Costume Design3
THTR-4150Play Direction3