Academic Catalog

Global Perspective

The following courses satisfy the Global Perspective skills and perspectives. A full semester in a study abroad program satisfies this requirement.

ART-3411Art History I3
ECON-4010Seminar in Economic Development3
ENGL-1550World Lit II: Enlightenment-Present3
FREN-3500French Study Abroad1
FREN-3650Intro Francophone Literature & Cultures3
HIST-1100World Civilization to 15003
HIST-1101World Civilization Since 15003
HIST-3140Medieval Travelers3
HIST-3280Modern Asian Survey3
HIST-3541Byzantine History3
HIST-3684Russian History3
HIST-3686World War II3
HIST-3720Ancient Egypt3
ITAL-3000Europe in the Middle Ages3
MGMT-3250International Management & Culture3
MUSC-1101World Music Literature3
MUSC-4120Music History III: After 19003
NASC-2300World Regional Geography3
POLS-2010Comparative World Government & Politics3
SOCI-2350Cultural Anthropology3
SOCI-3305Population & Society3
SPAN-3500Study Abroad: Spanish Immersion1
THEO-2100Old Testament 1: Pentateuch3
THEO-2150New Testament I: Synoptic Gospels3
THEO-3150New Testament Lit Ii: Pauline Literature3
THEO-3820Christianity & World Religions3