Academic Catalog

Person and Community in the Contemporary World

The following courses satisfy the Person and Community in the Modern World foundation.

ARCH-3400Architecture of Cities3
ART-4311Design for Social Good3
BUSI-3710Legal Environment of Business3
BUSI-4550Business Ethics3
CRIM-1000Introduction to Crime & Justice3
ECON-1000Economics of Social & Public Issues3
ECON-1010Introduction to Economics3
ECON-2090Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON-2100Principles of Microeconomics3
ENGR-3170Engineering Economy & Society3
GNST-2850Great Books: Renaissance World3
MCOM-1000Media & Society3
MGMT-2250Prin of Business Management3
NASC-2300World Regional Geography3
POLS-1000Introduction to American Government3
POLS-1500American 20th Century Political History3
POLS-2010Comparative World Government & Politics3
POLS-3250The American Presidency3
POLS-3700Film & Politics4
POLS-3750American Constitutional Development3
POLS-3800Development of Political Thought3
POLS-3850American Political Thought3
POLS-4010International Relations3
POLS-4600Public Administration3
PSYC-1000General Psychology3
SOCI-1000Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI-2250Social Problems3
SOCI-2350Cultural Anthropology3
SOCI-3205Marriage & the Family3