Academic Catalog

Written Communication

The following courses satisfy the Written Communication skills and perspectives.

ARCH-2300Architectural History I3
ARCH-2301Architectural History 23
ART-3411Art History I3
ART-3412Art History II (survey)3
ASTR-4100Introduction to Astrophysics3
ASTR-4200Solar System Astrophysics3
ASTR-4300Galaxies & Cosmology3
BUSI-1050Principles of Busines & Entrepreneurship3
BUSI-2230Business Communication3
BUSI-4850Seminr on Executive Writing and Communic1
CENG-4600Plant Design I3
CHEM-3511Biochemistry II Laboratory1
CIVL-3010Soil Mechanics & Civil Eng Materials Lab2
CIVL-3020Environmental & Hydraulic Engineeri Lab2
CRIM-3100Theories of Crime & Deviance3
CRIM-3300Juvenile Delinquency3
CSCI-4930Computer Science Senior Capstone2
ECON-3000Contemporary Economic Thinking3
EDUC-4451Philosophy of Education3
EDUC-4470Student Teaching Seminar2
EENG-4600Electrical Engin Design I3
EENG-4610Electrical Engin Design II3
ENGL-1020Introduction to Literature3
ENGL-1500World Lit I: Ancient to Renaissance3
ENGL-1550World Lit II: Enlightenment-Present3
ENGL-1600British Literature to 17503
ENGL-1650British Literature After 17503
ENGL-1700American Literature to Civil War3
ENGL-1750American Literature After Civil War3
ENGL-3010Old & Middle English Literature3
ENGL-3030Renaissance Literature3
ENGL-3040Restoration & 18th Century Literature3
ENGL-3110The Novel3
ENGL-3120Short Story3
ENGL-3140The Play3
ENGL-3250Creative Writing3
ENGL-3270Writing Fiction3
ENGL-4010Romantic Literature3
ENGL-4020Victorian Literature3
ENGL-4060Contemporary American Literature3
ENGL-4140The Vikings: History & Literature3
ENGL-4200Legends of King Arthur3
ENGL-4250Creative Writing II3
ENGR-3400Materials Laboratory2
ENGR-3410Thermofluids Laboratory2
ESLG-2220Advanced Composition & Research3
EXSC-4457Meth & Tech Teach Phys Activity & Health3
FREN-3510Advanced French Grammar & Conversation3
FREN-3610French Civilization3
FREN-3700History of French Cinema3
GNST-1750Great Books: Ancient World3
GNST-2750Great Books: Medieval World3
GNST-3750Great Books: Modern World3
HIST-2000History Methods & Historiography3
HIST-4000Seminar in History3
JOUR-2620New Writing I4
JOUR-3300News Writing II3
MATH-4457Secondary School Math Curr & Materials4
MATH-4930Directed Research2
MGMT-2250Prin of Business Management3
MUSC-4100Music History I: Antiquity to 17503
MUSC-4110Music History Ii: 1750-19003
NURS-3000Introduction to Health Care Environment2
PHIL-4920Senior Thesis3
PHYS-2001College Physics I Lab1
PHYS-2101Classical Physics I Lab1
POLS-2500Introduction to Research Methods4
POLS-2750Public Policy Analysis3
POLS-3700Film & Politics4
PSYC-2000Research & Statistics in Psych I3
PSYC-2731Theories of Personality3
SPAN-3040Introduction to Hispanic Lit & Lit Analy3
SPAN-3400Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics3
THTR-3810Theatre History & Literature to 16403